• - Our Solutions -
  • Seafloor reconnaissance
  • Hydrocarbon seep hunting
  • Generation of high-resolution seafloor maps
  • - Our Solutions are used for -
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Gas flares mapping and volume estimations
  • Submarine cables and pipelines (Site & Route)
  • Underwater outfalls
  • Ports and bridges construction
  • Dredging and sediment cubication
  • Seabed sediment transport
  • Submarine geomorphology and geohazards
  • Navigation charting and obstacles detection
  • Hydrography and currents circulation
  • Aquaculture zoning and site selection
  • Integrated coastal and marine area management
  • Submarine archeology
  • Offshore and coastal windfarms
  • Maritime search and rescue (SAR)
  • Mineral resources exploration

Our Company

In g3eo our aim is to provide technical consulting services in seafloor reconnaissance, hydrocarbon seep hunting and the generation of high-resolution seafloor maps for coastal engineering projects, hydrocarbon exploration, and environmental and oceanographic studies.

Our team is composed of experts with a strong background on geosciences and long experience doing consulting in Peru and at international level.

Our Mission

To deliver the technical solutions your project needs with ease, efficiency and soft skills.